Thursday, 8 June 2017

Time Title Type Presenter
08:30 Registration and Coffee
09:30 Welcome to my House Opening Ceremony Nicole van Nes
Peter van der Knaap
10:00 Have Naturalistic Driving Studies Lived up to their Hype? A retrospective Keynote Ann Brach
10:30 Break
11:00 Everyday impairments: A dangerous mind?
Moderator – George Yannis, NTUA Research Committee
Car driver distraction: who, what, where and when Presentation  Oliver Carsten
Driving demands affect secondary task engagement: Findings from the Naturalistic Engagement in Secondary Tasks (NEST) dataset Presentation  Birsen Donmez
Distraction in shift-workers during naturalistic driving Presentation  Jonny Kuo
CardioWheel: Physiological Driver Monitoring Presentation  André Lourenço
Automatic detection of phone use in Udrive data Presentation Laurette Guyonvarch
Australian Naturalistic Driving Study (ANDS): Providing new information on the circumstances and effects of distraction while driving Presentation Ann Williamson
Crash risk analyses of distracted driving behavior: influence of secondary task engagement and driver characteristics Pitch&Poster  Osama Osman
A modular approach to personalise driver fatigue prediction Pitch&Poster  Hilal Al-Libawy
When and where do professional drivers engage in tasks related to interaction with electronic devices? Pitch&Poster  Jonas Bärgman
Naturalistic Engagement in Secondary Tasks (NEST) dataset: Engagement in single vs. multiple secondary tasks Pitch&Poster  Birsen Donmez
Characterising mobile phone calls while driving on the interstate based on SHRP2 naturalistic driving data Pitch&Poster  Maria Kreusslein
Identifying crash risk factors using naturalistic driving data Pitch&Poster  Lisa Precht
Driver Head Movements While Using a Smartphone in a Naturalistic Context Pitch&Poster  Miguel García
13:00 Lunch
14:00 You’ll never walk alone: Interactions with vulnerable road users
Moderator: Jonas Bärgman, Chalmers University of Technology
Car drivers overtaking cyclists: A European perspective using naturalistic driving data Presentation  Jordanka Kovaceva
Interactions between car drivers and bicyclists: A naturalistic perspective on glances and speed choice Presentation  Reinier Jansen
How do drivers interact with pedestrians? Novel insights from UDrive Presentation  Tsippy Lotan
Comparison of two simulation methods for testing of algorithms to detect cyclist and pedestrian accidents in naturalistic data Presentation  Tanja Madsen
15:00 Heading up high: Elevator Pitches & Posters
The potential of simple technologies to collect and analyse naturalistic data Pitch&Poster  Tsippy Lotan
Lessons learnt from UDRIVE Naturalistic Driving Study data collection Pitch&Poster Oscar Marin Perez
UDRIVE Naturalistic Driving Study: designing a data collection and preprocessing toolchain Pitch&Poster Clément Val
SALSA: a smart application for large scale feature engineering Pitch&Poster Clément Val
On data and metadata description in transport research: the UDRIVE project Pitch&Poster Karla Quintero
Hands-on implementation of a data protection concept Pitch&Poster Helena Gellerman
Data tracking to enhance data protection in UDRIVE Pitch&Poster Erik Svanberg
Hazard Perception Ability and road behaviors of drivers with and without ADHD Pitch&Poster Liad Nakash
Individual differences in transition from gas to brake in following situations Pitch&Poster Takayuki Kondo
Complementary Methodologies to Identify Weather Conditions in SHRP2 Naturalistic Driving Data Pitch&Poster Ali Ghasemzadeh
Australian Naturalistic Driving Study (ANDS) Update Pitch&Poster Raphael Grzebieta
15:30 Break
16:00 – 17:15 Answers? Questions! Questions? Answers! – A Panel on Driving Patterns
Moderator: Jon Antin, VTTI
Analysing baseline driving patterns with SHRP2: teens vs. adults Panel Helen Loeb
Changes in driving patterns of older Australians in the Ozcandrive study Panel Judith Charlton
Personal driving style and fuel consumption Panel Veerle Heijne
Monitoring distraction through smartphone naturalistic driving experiment Panel George Yannis
19:00 Dinner