Friday, 9 June 2017

Start Title Type Presenter
09:00 Another 45 miles..Typical everyday driving behaviour
Moderator: Suzie Lee, VTTI
Everyday driving and the prevalence of risky behaviour Presentation Eric Stemmler
Road behaviours of drivers with and without ADHD Presentation Oren Musicant
A study on drivers’ adaptation behaviour when interacting with DSRC-based connected vehicle safety systems Presentation Shan Bao
How do drivers negotiate horizontal ramp curves in system interchanges in the Netherlands? Presentation Haneen Farah
10:00 Why, tell me why? Crash risk and crash causation
Moderator: Andrew Morris, Loughborough University
The perfect mismatch Presentation  Jonas Bärgman
A probabilistic framework for identifying safety critical events in naturalistic driving time series data Presentation  Eric Stemmler
Driving Behavior and Crash Risks in Parking lots Pitch&Poster  Suzie Lee
Impact of Freeway Interchange Lighting on Nightime Crashes and Driver Performance Pitch&Poster Suzie Lee
Deriving indicators for understanding the departure from normal driving using SHRP2 NDS data Pitch&Poster  Evita Papazikou
Above Behaviors: Understanding Driver’s Minding in Risky Situations Pitch&Poster  Laurette Guyonvarch
Identifying factors affecting crash/near crash events using Naturalistic Driving Study Data Pitch&Poster Sherif Ishak
“Co-Driver” – ND Cameras Capture Unexpected Risks with Children On Board Pitch&Poster  Martin Winkelbauer
SCE Triggers for Powered Two-Wheelers – Mission Impossible? Pitch&Poster  Martin Winkelbauer
11:00 Break
11:30 NDS: What have we learned, confirmed and refuted, and the mines along the way  Keynote  David Shinar
12:00 Back it up: Naturalistic Riding Insights
Moderator: Matthias Moerbe, Robert-Bosch
Using naturalistic cycling data to investigate cyclist’s choice of infrastructure Presentation  Tibor Petzoldt
A Naturalistic Look at Motorcyclist Acceleration and Deceleration Behaviour Presentation Cameron Rainey
Naturalistic Aerial Approaches for Monitoring Powered Two Wheelers Presentation George Yannis
Time Headway Behind Motorcycles – a Particular Crash Risk? Presentation Martin Winkelbauer
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Déjà Vu: Novice and elderly drivers
Moderator: Judith Charlton, Monash University
Using naturalistic driving study data to understand the relationship between child vehicle occupant behaviour, driver distraction and driving performance Presentation Sjaan Koppel
An examination of teen drivers’ car-following behavior when compared to adult drivers Presentation Shan Bao
Differences in young and elderly driver behaviour and how they interact with roadway infrastructure in naturalistic settings Presentation Jose Calvo
The influence of functional health on seniors’ driving risk and mobility using naturalistic driving study data Presentation Jonathan Antin
Elderly drivers cognitive functions and their naturalistic driving behaviours Presentation Toshihisa Sato
15:15 Naturalistic Driving around the globe.. Places to go!
Moderator: Fred Wegman, SWOV
Panelists: Ann Brach, Raphael Grzebieta, Nicole van Nes and David Shinar
16:00 Award ceremony and reception