Keynote speakers

Ann M. Brach

Ann M. Brach is the Director of the Technical Activities Division at the Transportation Research Board (TRB). In this role she leads the division’s activities in support of an array of federal, state, local, and private sector sponsors. These activities—which are designed and carried out by several thousand enthusiastic volunteers from every area of expertise related to transportation, supported by a team of dedicated staff—include TRB’s Annual Meeting, dozens of specialty conferences, workshops, a peer-reviewed journal, and other products and services that advance the knowledge and practice of transportation.

Before taking this position, Dr. Brach served as the Director of the $218 million Second Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP 2) at TRB, where she was responsible for overall direction of interdisciplinary research in the following areas: the role of driver behavior in highway safety; renewal of aging infrastructure; congestion mitigation; and collaborative decision-making in highway planning. Prior to becoming the director, Dr. Brach was SHRP 2’s deputy director and was responsible for overseeing the development and conduct of the largest-ever naturalistic driving study. In addition, she has conducted studies of funding trends, congressional earmarking, and stakeholder involvement in federal transportation research programs. Before coming to TRB, Dr. Brach was Research and Technology Program Manager at the Federal Highway Administration and Chief of the Research and Technology Division of the Maryland State Highway Administration.

She received a Bachelor of Science degree in civil engineering from Northeastern University and the Master of Science and Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where she focused on management of research and innovation in the construction industry. She also has a Masters degree in philosophy from The Catholic University of America. She is a registered Professional Engineer in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

David Shinar

David Shinar is Professor Emeritus of Ergonomics and Human Factors Engineering at Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel. He has conducted and managed road safety research for over 40 years, for the U.S. government, the EU, and the Israeli government. With regards to naturalistic driving, he has served on the SHRP2 Technical Coordinating Committee as well as on the UDRIVE Advisory Board.

David Shinar is well known for his pioneering work applying basic behavioural research toward traffic safety. He founded the Center for Research in Ergonomics and Safety and established the first driving research simulation laboratory in Israel in the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management. He has directed research on driver information processing and human factors in crash causation for over 35 years and authored over 150 reports in this area. David’s main interests are ergonomics aspects of traffic safety, in particular driver visual and perceptual skills in vision and perception. In this area he has studied headway perception and distance estimation, driver eye movements, and driver hazard detection. In addition he has studied the impact of these factors on young and old drivers, and drivers impaired by alcohol, drugs, and fatigue. More recently his research interests are geared towards vulnerable road users, especially bicyclists.

He has received multiple honors, is a popular keynote speaker at international conferences, and has served on the editorial boards of most journals that cover transportation safety.

Keynote by Ann Brach on Day 1 – Have Naturalistic Driving Studies Lived up to their Hype? A retrospective

Keynote by David Shinar on Day 2 – NDS: What have we learned, confirmed and refuted, and the mines along the way