Conference Topics

The Naturalistic Driving Research Symposium will provide you good insight into the naturalistic driving and riding studies that have been carried out and are presently underway around the globe. The symposium is a meeting place for the global Naturalistic Driving Research community, including scientists, industry and policy makers, and offers insight into the next generation Naturalistic studies. The Symposium offers inspiring presentations and plenty of opportunities to interact.

Topics for this year’s symposium include, but are not limited to:

• Crash risk and crash causation

• Distraction

• Interaction with cyclists and pedestrians

• Vehicle automation and connectivity

• Eco-driving

• Typical everyday driving behaviour (speed choice, seatbelts use, intersection behavior, etc)

• Novice drivers

• Elderly Drivers

• Naturalistic Cycling

• Naturalistic Riding Powered two-wheelers

• Methodology and definitions